All of our products are made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic combed ring-spun cotton. As well as it’s luxury feel, this material is one of the most environmentally friendly clothing options based on various considerations such as total water usage, CO2 output, durability, and habitat protection. Additionally, we are constantly researching developments in the textile industry to discover the latest innovations to use in our own collections.


For each T-shirt sold, 10% of the full sale price is donated toward the chosen species. Each donation is sent directly to the relevant charity for the species you pick. We have carefully selected each charity considering which we believe will provide the greatest positive impact on the protection of each species. For more information, please visit our Charities page.


Traditional plastic packaging often ends up in landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose, and can affect animals that ingest or get trapped in it. We have recently minimised our packaging to further reduce any unnecessary waste, whilst still ensuring we use zero plastic and 100% recyclable materials.


We use specifically selected eco-friendly waterbased inks that are GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified. Not only are these inks softer to the touch than their plastic-based alternatives, they also don’t contain any chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.


Each of our t-shirts are only printed after receiving your order, enabling us to avoid any overproduction and wastage. Our whole production process has been constructed to be as eco-friendly as possible, carefully considering the choices of fabrics, printing inks, and packaging.


Wherever possible, we work with UK based suppliers to minimise the delivery distance of each item. We also strive to support local businesses and prioritise those that have carefully considered their own impact on the environment and taken measures to minimise or offset this.